Episode 120: Laugh or you’ll cry

Show Notes:

I talk about what Robin William’s ment to me.  I also talk about his less popular movies “Popeye”, “Hook”, “What Dreams May Come”, “World’s Greatest Dad”.  I also talk about how life is sometimes like Nietzsche’s eternal return.  I’m not sure I actually said that but it was in my notes.  I was head over heels for a comedian as a child and guess what, it’s happened again.  Robin Williams will forever be the standard by which I measure men. 


Finally, the world has never or will ever have a friend like you.  I end with his song from Aladin “Friend Like Me.”  RIP Robin Williams, I’ll always love you.

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The trailer for “World’s Greatest Dad”

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Episode 118: Star Climbing

Show Notes: I have hypothyroidism. Guardians of the Galaxy is awesome. See it in 2D. Women in History: I talk about Helen Thomas famous White House correspondent and Joe Harvey (2 Nerds 1 Podcast) talks about Nancy Wake.  These were two very smart and pioneering women! Song of the week: …

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Episode 117: Some times there isn’t a next time

This week I talk about what I did last week.  Last week I was in San Diego.  If you haven’t heard it by now, I quemmented on the Nerdist podcast episode with CM Punk.  So listen as I tell you about it as well as take a mulligan on my quemment.

Many thanks to the gracious and charming Chris Hardwick.  His super power is his ability to make people feel at ease.

Music by The University of Rhode Island Marching Band under the direction of Dr. Brian Cardany.

Web Extra:
August 1st Chris Hardwick was on Bill Maher and he was delightful!  He talked about the isolating quality to social media.  My favorite point was that we should seek understanding in our interactions with others.  He is a very wise, emphatic and articulate man.

Here is the whole Nerdist episode with CM Punk live at San Diego. It was super fun!

CM Punk returns to the Nerdist for a live show at The Balboa Theater during 2014 San Diego Comic Con! CM Punk tells the story about the one and only time he ever ran a marathon, Matt really wants a Starfleet uniform and they take quemments from the audience!

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Episode 115: Women in History

Show Notes:

  • My pod has a raison d’etre! (Reason to be): In addition to the nerdy things I love to champion, I’ll highlight and chapmion women in history!
  • I tell a non-joke joke
  • Supper me by supporting Gladstone’s Hate By Numbers, go here to pledge: http://www.kafkamaine.com/hatebynumbers/

Music by The University of Rhoe Island Ram Marching Band under the direction of Dr. Brian Cardany.

Here is an amazing song by Ten Second Songs. He does Katy Perry’s Perfect Storm in 20 different styles! It’s incredible, check it out!