Episode 156

Show Notes improv PAX east If you’re like the podcast, please tell a friend or take a moment to give a review on iTunes? I love you guys! Have an excellent! Web Extras!! Level 1 at PIG on March 13, 2015! Level 2 (MY GROUP) at PIG on March 13, …

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Episode 152: My Little Comedy Pony

Show Notes:

It’s only fitting that I follow up the Chris Hardwick with my most personal episode to date.  I did stand up for the first time and yes I not only have the balls to have done it, it’s here in all it’s glory.  Of course I tapped the “…this is what I really wanted to say.”  That is me after all.

A BIG thanks the Chris Hardwick for having the Nerdist School and Meltdown showroom.  I appologize to Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani.  I was just lowering the bar for my fellow open mic-ers!


Thank you for listening!  I love you guys!  Have an EXCELLENT!

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Video Extra!!

From Jimmy Fallon this is Chris Hardwick explaining the worst he ever bombed:

Episode 137: Goals and Stuff

Show Notes:

  • Personal Goals for 2015
  • Dramatic Amazon Movie Review Readings (I really need to work on my characters) https://twitter.com/AmznMovieRevws
  • Awesome shows!
    • Game of Thrones (I <3<3 Tyrion!!)
    • Sillicon Valley
    • Galavant: I really like Timothy Ormundson (You might know him from Psyche)

Music from The University of Rhode Island Ram Marching Band under the direction of Dr. Brian Cardany.

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Check out Providence Improv Guild Level 1 showcase!  I’m in it!